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Our next monthly meeting will be on Wednesday 7th March 2018, at the John Turner Building, Warwick Hospital. It will be our AGM and a Diabetes update presentation by Dr V Baskar.

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With an annual expenditure of £5m covering around 140 research grants throughout the UK, Diabetes UK are reliant on financial support from the general public.

Our group are most appreciative of past support by way of donations, gift aid, “in memoriam” giving and fund raising but your ongoing support is still urgently required.

The total amount donated in memoriam for 2015 is £3,303.80. Our thanks go to the family and friends of the following for their donations:

Mrs S Spurgeon
Mr P Bramwell
Mr C Ward
Mr N Beddoes
Mr J Eccleston
Mr J Martin
Mr D Bailey
Mrs C Merriman
Mrs P Cannings
Mrs C Villiers
Mrs P Foster
Mr D Goode
Mrs A Temperley


If you feel able to help, then please contact our chairman Janet Turner who will be pleased to supply further details.



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