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Our next monthly meeting will be on Wednesday 7th March 2018, at the John Turner Building, Warwick Hospital. It will be our AGM and a Diabetes update presentation by Dr V Baskar.

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Stoneleigh Male Voice Choir Stoneleigh Male Voice Choir

A special fund raising concert was held on 21st October 2016 at St Francis of Assisi Church in Kenilworth featuring the Stoneleigh Male Voice Choir, together with Stoneleigh Ladies Choir.

The event raised more than £3,200.

For more images of this event, please click here.


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Christmas Tombola Christmas Market Tombola

Once again, the "team" turned out to raise funds on our Christmas Tombola stall at Leamington Christmas Market on December 11th.

A change from other years and the weather was excellent and we raised a total sum of £236.00.

Pictured left-right: Pat Long, Karen Sullivan-Barker, Sally Day and Janet Turner

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Lord Mayor’s Charity Donation Lord Mayor’s Charity Donation

Last year Kenilworth Town Mayor, Councillor Michael Coker chose Diabetes for his charity of the year. He raised a total of £6,000 and has generously donated £3,000 of this to our South Warwickshire Group, the remaining £3,000 will go to research at Warwick University.

Janet and David attended a Civic Reception at Kenilworth Castle on Tuesday 13 September to receive this fantastic donation to our Group. We hope that the money will fund some more children to be able to go on care weekends and also the production of some information booklets for local schools.

We extend our grateful thanks to Councillor Coker for thinking of us and for nominating us as a beneficiary from his year in office.

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Food Nutrition Tour Food Nutrition Tour

In September, seven members of the group visited Tesco Metro in Leamington Spa for a food nutrition tour given by Ruth Breeze, Community Dietitian from Warwick Hospital.

The top photo shows Beryl, Sally, Jill, Janet, Ruth, Keith and Susan.

Ruth was an excellent source of information on a healthy diet for those with diabetes, including what to look for when checking the labels on packaged food.

It can be surprising, for example, just how much sugar is contained in products with a seemingly healthy label, such as "low fat".

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Tesco Big Collection Tesco BIG Collection

BIG Collection at Tesco Warwick on 16/17 September 2017.

We raised £179.00 for Diabetes UK.

Photo shows our display stand and Janet with her bucket!

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Asda Collection Asda Collections

In November, we held a tin collection at Asda Stores in Leamington Spa and we raised £135.72 for group funds .

Photo shows Janet and Sally with our display.

We were also approached by Asda to say that a very loved colleague had recently passed away and that they would like to fund raise as a store on her behalf for our charity which was very important to her.

The colleague had had diabetes from a young age and had received wonderful support from Diabetes UK. She had attended holidays with other diabetic children where she learned how to inject her own insulin and other aspects of diabetes. The store asked whether we would help fundraise to enable other local children to have the same access to such a holiday (care event). Two of our group members went along on the day and raised £75.67.

We are now in liaison with the Paediatric Dept at Warwick Hospital to arrange for a child to attend a care event weekend.

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Under Diabetes UK’s “Adopt a Project” scheme, our group support the work of the Islet Cell Research Laboratory in Worcester. Donations made so far exceed £40,000.

A similar sum has also been donated to diabetes research.


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